Non 12 Step Drug Rehab

Are you looking for a California non 12 Step drug rehab and having trouble finding one? We can help you with this important decision, and locate a non 12 step rehab center in California that's right for you. Alternative treatment is highly sought after for drug and alcohol addiction because traditional treatment has failed miserably for the past 50 years. 12 Step programs, which label a person powerless to their incurable disease, have proven to be unsuccessful. As a result, people today are searching for a more common sense approach to address all aspects of drug and alcohol addiction.

A California non 12 Step rehab will offer an effective approach by dealing with all facets of addiction. Depression, lack of self-esteem, anxiety, social skills, low confidence, failures in life, relationship problems, abuse, physical issues and lack of education are all common causes of addiction. In some cases, all of these issues are at play when a person first starts abusing drugs or alcohol. A non 12 Step California rehab center will help a person deal with these issues and then build life skills which teach the individual how to handle everyday situations.

Non 12 Step California drug rehabs also take up a very important issue, which is the body's physical dependence on drugs/alcohol and "cravings". In many situations a person will need a medical detox as the first step before treatment can begin. Once a person has been medically detoxed, many non 12 Step programs in California will then offer what is called Biophysical Rehabilitation. A biophysical drug rehab uses a cellular cleansing process to rid the body of drug and alcohol residuals which store in the tissues of the body several years after use. These drug and alcohol residues can cause cravings even when the person is not using. Once eliminated, he/she will not experience cravings or have a physical urge to use drugs or alcohol.

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